The full face and body anti-ageing system that provides revolutionary results in aesthetics through the application of Diamond Dynamic WaveForms.
Effortless. Painless. And effective!

What is the Diamond Medilift?                                                                       
The Diamond Medilift is an advanced, non-invasive, non-surgical therapy system in which muscles become more defined, fat is melted away, skin is lifted, and lymphatic drainage is increased; all through the aid of a safe, controlled electrical current.

This breakthrough approach uses advanced wave forms that work with the body’s natural currents to put the face and body through a premium “workout,” without the need for surgery, chemicals or lasers.

Increased blood flow nourish skin tissue and encourage healthy circulation.

Based  on the research developed by world renowned bio-physicist Dr. Vladimir Ivancevic, the Diamond Dynamic WaveForm Therapy Program amplifies the body’s own rejuvenating abilities to help reverse the signs of ageing.

Diamond Medilift Facial Treatments:

Hollywood Face Lift
Incorporating sculpting wands and full face padding, the Hollywood Lift is a non-invasive approach to facial lifting and sculpting. During the procedure the skin is tightened, muscles are lifted and lymphatic drainage is increased thereby reducing puffiness and providing for a natural looking facial lift.

Microcurrent Facial Lift
Lifts and tightens skin and assists with wrinkle reduction.
This Facial Lift is known as a micro-current and is a gentler form of the Muscle Lift current. This treatment nourishes and stimulates skin cells to firm and strengthen the muscle fibre and tissue. This is best for lymphatic drainage, collagen and elastin production and acne, as well as bringing nutrients and oxygen to skin cells.
This treatment is used for photo shoots and weddings, as it gives the face a beautiful “glow”, reenergising and recharging the cells in the face.

How many treatments are necessary?

For the Face Lift treatments you will see instantaneous results, but a series of 6 treatments on average is recommended for sustainable results.
Variables including personal goals, age, and health may decrease or increase the number of treatments required.
Hollywood is raving about the Diamond Dynamic Wave Form Therapy Program as featured on:
Dr Phil
E! Television
Woman to Woman
And seen in:
W Magazine
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