Galvanic – Disencrustation – Deep CleanseMICRODERMABRASION melbourne
For all skin types, this treatment provides a Deep Cleanse by a mild galvanic current: deep sebum decongestion, softening and removal, oil reduction, and deep pore and acne cleanse.

Galvanic – Iontophoresis – Infusion Masks
Iontophoresis is a technique for introducing serums into the skin by mild electric current. These treatments are ideal for acne prone skin, youthful and natural rejuvenation and deep product penetration.
Diamond Ionic Mask range: Botanical RLX (Botox-like serum), Rejuvenation, Anti-Bacterial, Collagen, Depigmentaion, Lightening, Oxygen, Disencrustation, Anti-Oxidant.